The Anderson Torpedoes Work Hard to Maintain a BIG ZERO Attitude Ending 2022 and Starting 2023

Account Leader (Shown) Harley Gilliland is Very Proud of Her Teammates

The ORD9 Ryders Celebrate an Entire Year Accident-Free

I am pleased to share this picture of my and the ORD9 Ryders having a beautiful time celebrating our one year no accidents or injuries. This team has been a pleasure to work with and I carry them with me in my spirit always. Thanks for all your hard work, Ryders, and thanks for making safety your first priority! ~ Merline Davis-Horton

The Haymount Hornets Have Lots to Celebrate!

I had the pleasure of hosting a celebration dinner at Haymount for the completion of new renovations. We also held our Hero Huddle and presented Mrs. Wilma her YETI cup and certificate. The ED also attended and spoke to us.  ~ Marcus McCrimmon

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The A-Team Wishes All a Safe New Year!

My team and I share our a photo from our Christmas celebration where we dressed up abd held a grab bag where each bought one another was very nice! I strive to do great things for my team! ~ Katrina Cleves

   The Jeffersonville Dirt Devils
    Share a Holiday Celebration
      With Their Work Family

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Team TIRE Celebrates a Hard-Earned BIG ZERO Safety Status

I am proud to share these photos from our BIG ZERO safety celebration held this week and we are striving to make 2023 even safer with Zero Accidents for two years in a row. I am pleased to recognize my team on how awesome and extraordinary they are for working an entire year accident-free. ~ Lauren Collins

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Team Another One Bites the Dust Celebrates Another Year of BIG ZERO Safety Success

I want to share with you the BIG ZERO celebration of Team Another One Bites the Dust. Everything was a success! The team was delighted, we gave them food, a certificate for 2 years without an accident, and I created some pins for BIG ZERO. At a past safety meeting, we created the banner and the topic was "I Make Safety My First Priority. We do different things such as bingo games, raffles, quizzes and many other things so safety can get implemented well. This fun encourages associate participation so they don't become bored. We make safety our first priority! ~ Joshua Davila

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The Cougars Share Some Holiday Fun

Team Fresh Start Shares Excitement About Their 2022 BIG ZERO Safety Status

I am so proud of Team Fresh Start. We have our ups and down and our disagreements at time, but we always work it out and come together to deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience. Safety First...Safety Always! ~ Vanzola Grimes

The Warriors' Elf Day!

Congratulations Perdue Crew!
Celebrating 2022's BIG ZERO Achievement

The Syracuse' Crusaders Hit The Jackpot!

The Crusaders finished 2022 with a perfect safety record:

  • Over 40,000 hours worked
  • Zero accident reports filled out
  • Zero accidents reported
  • Zero lost time or Zero TW
  • Maintained a stable workforce
  • Achieved cost for the year
  • Signed a contract extension for 2023
  • Signed a contract to staff mailroom
  • Weekly extra work
  • Responded to numerous emergencies
2022 VIP Gallery of Team Celebrations