OUR PEOPLE are the Secret to our Safety Success

Since The Zero Zone's development and implementation in 2011, our injury rate has plummeted nearly 85%.

What a phenomenal achievement for ALL of our people, who - because they make their safety a priority just as much as WE do - go home each night unhurt and unharmed into the arms of those they love and who love them.

Our Definition of Safety in the Zero Zone

Pronounced:  safe-tee

The state of being secure from danger or injury,
enhanced by taking personal responsibility for yourself and others;
strengthened by awareness of your surroundings,
clear communication of risk,
and your focus to remain unhurt, unthreatened, and unharmed.

Every team has a goal.

Our Number One Goal is to eliminate accidents - preventing not only unsafe acts but also unsafe conditions - and creating safe habits in our associates that help them become a safe person...and an Ambassador of Safety, wherever they are and wherever they go.

Conceived BY our people.... developed FOR our people...

our "12 Steps to Zero Accidents" Safety Program is designed to do just that: to create and then maintain an environment where accidents ~ and the potential for accidents ~ simply do not occur.

Our People Tell You About Safety ~
In Their Own Words

2023 ~ 2nd Annual Video Featuring The Secret to Our Safety Success
2022 ~ First Annual Video Featuring The Secret to Our Safety Success
Our Leaders Encourage The Highest Level of Safety Awareness

The Zero Zone is powered by people - OUR amazing people ~ who have taken personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and those around them. Safety is a TEAM effort that requires GREAT leadership!

Our great leadership is trained how to identify all areas in their facility that could pose a threat to the safety of their team, and then, through collaboration with their team, to develop procedures and habits that will help all of them avoid... or eliminate... that risk.

We assist our leadership with maintaining the energy of their team, helping them find ways to keep everyone enthusiastic and focused on safety, and encourage the teamwork that will make safety MORE than just a "mandatory meeting" twice a month.

Our Safety Success Brings Recognition in the BSC Industry
Because You Make Safety Your #1 Priority ~ Our Culture of Safety Success is Featured in BSCAI's "Contractor Connections"

We see you and enthusiastically recognize all you do to make your safety – and the safety of those around you – your first priority each day. Whether at work, at home, or out and about in our communities, your safe habits and behaviors have a positive impact on you personally, on those you love, and those you cross paths with outside of your working environment.

We are excited to share that your safe actions and behaviors have not gone unnoticed in the entire Building Service Contractors (BSC) industry. Because of your safety success, The IH Services Family of Businesses was approached to be interviewed about what makes our safety program – and our people – such a powerful and difference-making safety experience. Today, we share with you an outcome of your positive attitude towards safety not only within our family of businesses, but outreaching to our customer and our entire industry.

We invite you to take 5 minutes to read the final article – “The Importance of Safety Programs for BSC’s” and encourage you to share this with your teams and with your customers. Safety is a TEAM effort, and it’s you and your teams that indeed do make a difference.

Read the article here:  Contractor Connections | BSCAI | Safety Programs

Thank you for all you do each day to lead by example, encourage your people to ingratiate our 12 safety affirmations into their lives, and to create and sustain a working environment that makes a positive difference at so many levels Now go “catch someone doing something right” and say Thank You!