Team Another One Bites the Dust Celebrates Prime Week
With a Safety Meeting

I am pleased to share our prime week and safety meeting photo collages. During our safety meeting "Safety Trivia", we went over and then asked questions about some Zero Zone terms. For example, "What are the three R's that are very important in reminding employees to prevent an accident/incident?"

 Congratulations to our safety meeting trivia question winners: Martha Chauca, Angel Torres and Vicente Cerda. ~ Joshua Davila

Your Operations Support Team Sends a Mid-Hot-Summer Reminder:
Hydrate Ahead of Your Time in the Heat!

ASG's Ashley Moore Uses Every Opportunity to be Uplifting and Share Our Safety Program

I am excited to share the great job Ashley is doing by setting a fine example for all. I am so proud of her, her accomplishments, and her entire staff! ~ Barbara Glenn

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The Blue Angels' Skill Fair Table and an Awesome Representation of IH Services

Bottom Row: Wendy & Emma
Top Row: Rebecca, Valerie, Jenny, Dashaun, Briana & Lena

Carolyn Ray Shares the Greenville Corporate Office Safety Station


We Can Be Serious, We Can Be Fun
Team 50 Shades Cleaner is an Awesome One!

This team is one awesome team! They do their jobs, they are dependable and reliable. When it comes to getting the job done or preparing for a visit, this is THE team. I am so proud to be their leader. ~ Cheryl Webb

The Glasgow Danger Dodgers Share Safety
 and Take Time To Celebrate One Another

Robin Binkley Shares...

On February 24, the Danger Dodgers held a safety meeting, and we took advantage of that time together! We talked about the safety of the floors and restrooms and made sure that we are looking for hazards and cleaning them up when we first come across them. We talked about the numbers for outreach programs and I ensured that each of them know that if they need to talk or get help with anything, they can call any of these numbers that I have posted at my desk and in the cage areas of both plants. We reviewed the complaints that we had for the month (there were very few - we are very proud of that!), and our policy for call outs. We also went through our Zerometer so that our new teammate Robin and our entire team willbe well prepared for Shacon's next visit.

Now for even more fun! We enjoyed KFC chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy and biscuits during our meeting. Thank you, Newbold Services, for this amazing perk and allowing us to do this for our teams.  They really enjoy this time together and the VIP awards I hand out make them feel valued as a person and not "just a number". I am proud to work with Newbold! 

I would like to recognize Shacon Teeples for always working her best and thinking of all of her associates and site leaders as family, even when she is recovering and should be resting. She works endless hours for us all every day to make us the best we can be. Thank you, Shacon, for being my boss. I would be lost daily without you.   Click Below to View the Photo Gallery

February Employees of the Month
- Amy Nance, Allen Clark, Meggan Bradley
Novice Player to Safety Shark
- Amy Nance, Meggan Bradley, Allen Clark, Ashlie Sutton, Joanna Huff

February Perfect Attendance
- Megan Bradley, Amy Nance

Risky Remover Every Day
- Amy Nance
Delivered The Ultimate Customer Experience
- Amy Nance, Robin Estep, Meggan Bradley

Team Tumbling Tires Take Pride in Our Company Mantra as Evidenced on Their Office Door

Angelita Jeffries and The Safety Patrol Share Their Skills Fair Environmental Services Display

Shining Their Lights for Safety ~ Team 6170

We have had some very bad storms come through and at one of my sites, the power goes out easily. Because of that, I made sure to get every one of my team a headband flashlight - one teammate even received a flashlight for his trash cart. Thought I would share them shining! ~ Monica Gonzalez

Annie, Melissa, Jennifer, Stephanie, Jesus and Larry

Luis Torres Leads Another Successful Job Fair for BDL2
Thanks for the Share, Alex!

There's No Limit to Valentine's Day
"Such a Sweet Team"

Pictured here is me and my team on Valentine's Day. "Boss Lady" is what they call me :) I bought all of them flowers and our lead brought all of us gifts, too. So sweet!  ~ Katrina Cleaves

Irene Madden, Katrina Lackland, Katrina Cleaves and Cerda (Maria) Ma Socorro

The  No Limit Team Shows Off Their Green!

The Boss Lady and the No Limit Team dressed up all week for St. Paddy's Day, along with our customer's associates. We were excited to be featured on the TV screen at work! ~ Katrina Cleaves

Katrina Lackland, Katrina Cleaves, Matt Gonzonez-Wollwert, Chales Church, Irene Madden, Jazz Tucker

2022 VIP Gallery of Zero Zones