Our Leadership's Commitment to Safety

It is our pleasure to welcome you to The IH Services Family of Businesses and speak to you regarding something that is very important to us...the safety and health of our associates. As an enterprise, we make your safety our number one priority in everything we do and there is nothing more important...we put your safety first!

The important information made available to you in Safety Policy and Procedure Manual, when actively combined with our innovative "12 Steps to Zero Accidents" Safety Program, encourages associates at all levels to participate in our safety and health program activities. In the Zero Zone:

  • We learn and then internalize positive safety affirmations and incorporate these attitude-changing statements into our daily activities;
  • We give positive feedback and recognize associates who do the right and safe "things", at the right time, for the right reasons;
  • We make safety fun and an integral part of every work day;
  • We provide constant reminders of the importance of acting in a safe way, teaching and empowering associates how to recognize, report and remove workplace hazards.

Our ultimate objective is that each associate -- because they make their safety a priority just as much as WE do -- goes home each night unhurt and unharmed, into the arms of those they love and who love them. Our goal is always zero accidents and injuries.

As well, it is the intent of The IH Services Family of Businesses to comply with all laws. To do this we must constantly be aware of conditions in all work areas that can produce injuries. No associate is required to work at a job they know is not safe or healthful. Your cooperation in detecting hazards and, in turn, controlling them, is a condition of your employment. Inform you supervisor immediately of any situation beyond your ability or authority to correct.

Safety is a two-way street; safety is a TEAM effort. Both employers and employees share accountability for -- and play a role in -- encouraging and maintaining a safe working environment. Our expectation is that YOU take your safety JUST as seriously and place it first and foremost each day. Without question, safety is every associate's responsibility at all levels.

You have our commitment that as an enterprise we will:

  • Provide a robust and interactive safety platform like our "12 Steps to Zero Accidents" Safety Program
  • Provide adequate training on company safety policies and for tasks that associates are expected to perform
  • Provide the proper tools needed for safety such as PPE, Safety Data Sheets, etc.
  • Ensure associates are familiar with emergency evacuation from facility and rallying point procedures
  • Establish and make known clear standards, policies and expectations that ensure adherence to safety rules, regulations and laws

Please do your part by:

  • Taking reasonable care of your health and safety no matter where you are or what you are doing
  • Asking questions if you are unsure
  • Ensuring you have been properly trained
  • Knowing and working to your JSHA (Job Safety Health Analysis)
  • Actively participating in 540's and safety meetings
  • Taking a Minute4Me before beginning any task

We thank you for joining us as we strive to deliver The Ultimate Customer Experience and remembering that the safety and health of our associates must be part of every operation. Together, we will reach our goal of Zero Accidents and Injuries.