Our unique and innovative safety program is built around a core concept of creating a "Zero Zone" within each of our facilities and developing safe work habits throughout our site teams.

Using the tools we have developed exclusively for our companies and through engaged leadership, the Zero Zone comes alive for each of our associates.

Throughout their work day, the Zero Zone is designed to "speak" to them, heightening their safety awareness; and through repetition, their attitude and behavior becomes aligned with acting in a safe and responsible way.

Through exposure to this continued heightened awareness towards safety, they create safe habits that recognize and bring attention to unsafe conditions.

In The Zero Zone, we have discovered that safety is not ours alone. Each of us in The Zero Zone makes safety our first priority ~ personally and professionally. At work AND at home. Our circle of safety ~ our Zero Zone ~ surrounds us and influences everyone we come into contact with.

We become Ambassadors of Safety, and our enthusiasm, safe habits and positive safety attitudes carry over into our personal lives.


As an enterprise, we make the safety of our people our Number One Priority - we put your safety FIRST!

That said, safety is a two-way street. Safety is a team effort. And our expectation is that our people take their safety JUST as seriously as we do, and place their safety and the safety of those around them first and foremost each day.

We strengthen our Zero Zone when we actively seek new ways to incorporate Zero the Hero and his tools into the facilities we serve, and when we take Zero-on-the-Go to our homes and into our everyday environments.

Each time we share ideas and tips across the board, we make one another stronger. When we pay attention and recognize associates who are living, working and loving the life of a Zero Hero, we continue to increase our Zero Zone and enhance all those who live and work within it.

When we celebrate our safety successes, we motivate and energize our teams into constant forward motion towards our ultimate goal: ZERO Accidents in The Zero Zone!


How Do We Strengthen Our Zero Zone?