Dorothy Wolff | The Rolling Rockers
One of Our Customer's Safety Stars

Our site gives out a cold card to people who go the extra mile. I am please to share that Dorothy was awarded a gold card for taking time out of her regular schedule and helping in Shipping. After some vending machines had been moved out there, there was mess on the floor. Dorothy spent 1.5 hours cleaning the floor so the new fresh market could be installed and it not be a safety issuefor others  coming in. I am thankful for Dorothy because she cares. ~ Tonya Pilkerton

The Stingers Receive Recognition for a Wonderful Job Done

My team has been working very hard to make sure our customer is safisfied! ~ Amanda McFadden

Team Another One Bites the Dust Receives an Awesome Shoutout!

I am proud to share an awesome shoutout from my POA. Shoutouts (especially from a POA) make you feel good, especially for your team and the hard work they do here every day. ~ Joshua Davila

Connie James | The Stingers
"They Are Elated with Her Work Ethics"

Connie is one of our Day Porters and has received great feedback from our customer, who is elated with her work ethics and her beautiful disposition and smile. She received the customer service award as well as Employee of the Month for March. ~ Kim Knight

Kaleb St. Cyr | The Blue Racers

Kaleb has been exceptionally great at his job. He continues to receive compliments from customer all over the mall. You go, Kaleb! ~ Dana Watts

Juanita Peele & Austin Lockleed Named January VIP's | Team #71

I am proud to share that our customer has acknowledged exceptional customer service from Juanita and Austin. ~ Kim Knight

Tiffany Tillett | Universal Loyalty Crew

Tiffany has been recognized twice this week by our customer. She is one of my best teammates, she goes above and beyond, and I want to share how fantastic she is. ~ Tenille Outlaw

Jesse Morris | The Perdue Crew

Jesse was recognized by our customer for his hard work cleaning the QA office. ~ Patrick Lapinski

Wil Williams | Anderson Torpedos
"Our Grounds are Looking Great!"

Our customer commented  that Wil is delivering his very best on our huge grounds area - that everything was looking great, including the dock door area and dump pads. I am very proud of him and the hard work he has been giving. ~ Harley Gilliland
Shondra Myles | NBS High Rollers

I just wanted to let you know that Shondra cleaned in Medical recently and she did an awesome job. I really appreciate her hard work. ~ April Walden, Supervisor, Medical Services

Trevor Dawson & Bobby Norman | Anderson Torpedos
"Our Warehouses Are Amongst the Cleanest"

Trevor and Bobby clean our warehouses which can be hard to maintain with all the drivers, etc. They do an awesome job and received VIP status because our customer commented on how well they do their work, and not only that, but how clean our warehouses are. They said they tour so many and our is one of the cleanest. I am so proud of both of them. ~ Harley Gilliland
Our Empire Team #1335 is Celebrated During National Nursing Week

Katrina Brown shares:
Everyone in housekeeping and laundry received an award from our customer during National Nursing Week. I am so proud of my team and their great work.
  • I received an award recognizing my  hard work and dedication. 
  • Traci Beasley won two awards: one for her hard work and dedication, and one for her "hard work, passion and commitment, as they have been instrumental in achieving exceptional results and exceeding expectations. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition of your achievements."
  • Shaun Blackmon received two awards for his hard work and dedication.
  • The rest of the entire team were also recognized for their hard work and dedication: Briona Williams, Alicia Brown, Michelle Davis, Tonya Akins, Garrett Gay and Joshua Honeycutt
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Katie Conrad | NBS High Rollers
"We are Thankful for Her Diligence"

We here in the Farley control room would like to give some positive feedback for Katie. She had done a great job keeping the control room clean. She alway has a great attitude and keeps our area clean. She is very respectful and we just wanted to make sure that she gets the recognition that she deserves. We are thankful for her diligence. ~ Lee Albright, Reactor Operator

Logan Andrews | Tuscaloosa Tigers
"He Quite Possibly Saved Someone's Life"

I am pleased to nominate Logan Andrews for VIP status. About a week ago, our contact told me how Logan helped an employee of our customer. 

The employee was having a seizure and Logan stopped everything he was doing to help this person and seek additional help. Our contact said he was grateful that Logan was there, as other workers had just walked past this employee laying on the floor.

I am so proud of Logan and we are thankful to have him. My contact is to send me an email about the incident, but I wanted to share his story and brag about his possibly saving someone's life. ~ Angie Stevenson
Chyna Hammond | Olin Gold Team

"I just want to give a shout out to Chyna. Chyna has been cleaning the shipping office alone for the past two weeks. She is doing a wonderful job and is always so friendly with everyone. We admire her positive attitude." ~ Tammy, Site Logistics
Rose Weems | NBS High Rollers
The Work She Leaves Behind is Pristine

I want to recognize Rose Weems for the outstanding job she does in maintaining the cleanliness of the Maintenance Training Center. The building is always in pristine condition for students, instructors and visitors. Rose always finds a way to get the job done without interrupting the students or instructors (even with dozens of students in the building at times). Several visitors have commended on the tidiness of our facilities and it is very much appreciated. ~ Steve Newton, Maintenance Training Lead
2022 VIP Gallery of Customer Accolades & Recognitions