The Stingers Receive Recognition for a Wonderful Job Done

My team has been working very hard to make sure our customer is safisfied! ~ Amanda McFadden

Team Another One Bites the Dust Receives an Awesome Shoutout!

I am proud to share an awesome shoutout from my POA. Shoutouts (especially from a POA) make you feel good, especially for your team and the hard work they do here every day. ~ Joshua Davila

Juanita Peele & Austin Lockleed Named January VIP's | Team #71

I am proud to share that our customer has acknowledged exceptional customer service from Juanita and Austin. ~ Kim Knight

Jesse Morris | The Perdue Crew

Jesse was recognized by our customer for his hard work cleaning the QA office. ~ Patrick Lapinski

2022 VIP Gallery of Customer Accolades & Recognitions