Christine Carmichael | Team #1216
January's Employee of the Month

Christine is helpful and always comes in to work - even when it's her day off.  She is a great worker! ~ Donna Davis

Nearest (Bo) Roseboro, Jr.
| The Safety Patrol
December's Employee of the Month

Bo was awarded Employee of the Month in December. He always goes out of his way to help others. He does what needs to be done and never complains. Thank you, Bo!
~ Melissa Williams
Cameron Perry | The Happy Appys
January's Employee of the Month
Cameron became part of our team in June 2022. Since then, he has embraced his position on the team, ensuring the facility meets all standards each night before he leaves. He is quick to always offer help to teammates if a job may pose a safety hazard and will use the "divide and conquer" method to break down large jobs. He continues to contribut to our team's success through customer interaction, his attention to detail and his can-do attitude. This month we are proud to recognize Cameron Perry as our Employee of the Month. ~ Susan Triplett
2022 VIP Gallery of "Of the Month" Awards