Pedro Baria | The Risky Busters
April's Employee of the Month Team Celebration

Ashely Burnette | Partners in Grime
May's Employee of the Month

Ashley is kind and willing to lend a helping hand. She is a real team player...we are Parenters in Grime. ~ Donna Davis

Brandon Rybarczyk | The A Team
Employee of the Month

Brandon is an amazing associate. He works nights and he is very dedicated with doing floors. He loves all the floor machines and loves to learn. He has been with us for a while and has a passion doing floors - he takes his job very seriously. Way to go Brandon! ~ Katrina Cleaves

Christine Carmichael | Team #1216
January's Employee of the Month

Christine is helpful and always comes in to work - even when it's her day off.  She is a great worker! ~ Donna Davis
Laquanta Reese | Team TIRE
Celebrating our First Employee of the Month

Congratulations Laquanta! Thank you for all you do each day to deliver your very best!

Nearest (Bo) Roseboro, Jr.
| The Safety Patrol
December's Employee of the Month

Bo was awarded Employee of the Month in December. He always goes out of his way to help others. He does what needs to be done and never complains. Thank you, Bo!
~ Melissa Williams
Tyler Presnell | The Happy Appys
Employee of the Month

Tyler is our Employee of the Month for July. He joined us in May 2022 and has been a strong presence since. Our clients trusts Tyler and communicates new needs or additional duties they would like taken care of through him. Tyler continues to build that relationship and ensures our customer continues to be happy with the service provided. He is always aware of changing situations and notifies a supervisor of any potential dangers. He is very observant and makes sure his teammates are made aware, too. Tyler is a team player and helps to ensure the overall safe working atmosphere for our entire team. His dedication to customer service and overall hawk-eye for safety makes him our Employee of the Month. ~ Susan Triplett
Tiffany Tillett | Universal Loyalty Crew
May's Employee of the Month

I would like to take the time to give kudos to Tiffany Tillett for becoming Employee of the Month. A special thanks to the account leader Tanille for recognizing her employee. When we acknowledge the front-line staff for third job performance and show our appreciation, it speaks volume. Thank you again for sharing Tanille and congrats to Tiffany! ~ Marcus McCrimmon

Luis Cuevas | Dust Busters
March's Employee of the Month

Cameron Perry | The Happy Appys
January's Employee of the Month

Cameron became part of our team in June 2022. Since then, he has embraced his position on the team, ensuring the facility meets all standards each night before he leaves. He is quick to always offer help to teammates if a job may pose a safety hazard and will use the "divide and conquer" method to break down large jobs. He continues to contribut to our team's success through customer interaction, his attention to detail and his can-do attitude. This month we are proud to recognize Cameron Perry as our Employee of the Month. ~ Susan Triplett
Samantha Burnette | Partners in Grime
Employee of the Month

Samantha is a new teammate and this is her first-ever job. She has really picked up on learning how the facility is run and is doing a great job. ~ Donna Davis

Leondra Wright & Beverly Johnson | NBS High Rollers
May's Employees of the Month

Wanda White | Partners in Grime
April's Employee of the Month

Wanda is always willing to help out her teammates and never misses a day of work. ~ Donna Davis

Larry Dennis | The Eliminators
January's Employee of the Month

"Always going above and beyond and always helping." ~ Jennifer Roach

Kerri Benfield | The Happy Appys
Employee of the Month

Kerri began working with us in August 2022 and is our lead evening shift in Athletics. Throughout the "season", she pitched in to help wherever and whenever she could. She is always a team player and always mindful of safety as well. Recently she came across an unlabeled bottle. She notified management and immediately poured it out. She also notified the remaining team in the building to be on the lookout in case there were other dangers.

Kerry always calls if there is any question about a new task or a common task that presents a bit differently. She recently was a huge influence on the smooth running of the account during the account leader's vacation. Kerry was able to maintain all aspects of the evening shift as well as keep open communication with day shift, ensuring customer satisfaction. For these reasons, we would like to recognize Kerri as our Employee of the Month. ~ Susan Triplett
Jairod Shadowen | Team #1099
"He's Going to Become a Safety Shark in No Time!"

Because he sets a great example in The Zero Zone, Jairod has been named January's Employee of the Month. He makes sure he takes a Minute4Me before starting a task every day. He is still a Novice player but will become a Safety Shark in no time. Let's recognize him for all of his hard work!  Danielle Young
Tommy Sneed | Glasgow Guards
Employee of the Month

Tommy has shown extreme dedication to his work and is always there when the call comes in, if it's to come work on a day off or needing to fill in when a supervisor is out of town. He is one of the best ASG has today. His work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Please help me congratulate Tommy's recognition as Employee of the Month and his new VIP status. I wish there was an Employee of the Year award because he would get it every year for years to come. ~ Darien Byrd, Supervisor

Nygel Montague | Grime Stoppers
Employee of the Month

Irene Madden | The A-Team
"She's My Super Woman!"

Irene is our Employee of the Month. She is my super woman - my Supervisor Superwomen - my backbone - and she does a lot for me. Hands up for Irene! ~ Katrina Cleaves

2022 VIP Gallery of "Of the Month" Awards