Applauding Your Outstanding Actions and for Your Dedication to the Safety of Yourself and Others 

Shown Pictured: Angie Brumley (left)
Lara Holt (center) |
Melissa Stone (FOTL Safety Directory) (right)

Lara Holt was buffing in an office and noticed the light fixture in the ceiling was smoking slightly. She immediately turned the light off and called me for further instructions. I called the guard shack for them to page the Production Manager who was currently in the building and he inspected it and shut down the main power to that section. The next morning, it was determined that the ballast was faulty. If Lara had not taken immediate action, the ceiling could have quickly caught on fire. Since this facility is plagued with lint, fires are an extrordinay danger. I congratulate her for her prompt actions to ensure the facility safety.
Submitted by Angie Brumley, Account Manager
Fruit of the Loom

Shown Pictured: Roger Garner, Plant Engineer (left)
Robert Kerr (center)
Angie Brumley (right)

Robert Kerr witnessed an accident where a pull
cat wagon had hit and knocked down an employee. He noticed that the driver was going too fast around a corner and the wagon had slid into the lady's leg and knocked her down. She stated that she was okay. Robert reported this to the lady's supervisor. This would have gone unreported if it hadn't been for Robert because the lady nor the driver reported it. The lady was checked out by the in-house nursing staff and was found to have bruising but no serious injuries. I commend Robert on his actions to protect another employee. He has proven that he understands that all individuals in the facility have a right to be safe and not just our own employees.
Submitted by Angie Brumley, Account Manager
Fruit of the Loom

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