Team #6175 Acts Quickly Against that Wild Card Risky

I want to show my appreciation for the smart work and dedication that my staff shoiws each and every day. We had a safety issue in the past where we reached out to our site contact for additional information to make sure this wqas done as safely as possible. Most recently, we were vacuuming an elevator and didn't out the door on hold, which caused the vacuum cord to snap. Sparks were coming from the cord and my team was in the elevator detailing at the time. We were able to get them out safely. Alena Lee Warters and I ran down the stairs to get a wooden handle to get the cord out of the outlet to prevent an injury that could have occurred. We also reached out to our district leader to let him know what happened. ~ Calvin Morris

Shatavia McCroskey | Newbold Lookouts
"She Has a Good Eye Out for Wild Card Risky"

I'm pleased to show off Shatavia and her very impressive performance with Risky. She's been here three months and is always so cheerful. She has a good eye for Recognizing, Reporting and Removing Risky. In the last two weeks, she noticed and reported a bee hive and oil on the floor. ~ Sue Wood

Ashley Hill | The Newbold Lookouts
"She Jumped Into Action!"

Ashley ran across Risky and let me tell you, she jumped into action and immediately called me for assistance. She went to dump a bin at the compactor and noticed the landing was slippery. The surface of the landing is black and it had been raining, but she noticed some pregel on there and it is also black and slimy ~ meaning it blended in with the landing. It was cold and raining out there, but Ashley didn't hesitate to use the water hose to rinse off the slimy and slick pregel. ~ Sue Wood

Rick Ward | Cuse' Crusaders
"Bad Things Could Have Happened if This Had Gone Unnoticed"

I would like to take a minute and bring to your attention the good deed that Rick Ward did on July 26. I was working Security when at 18:10 I received a call from Rick, the IH cleaner assigned to the Cafeteria area. Rick advised that a strange noise, like steam hissing, was coming from a locked maintenance room, and that it was out of the ordinary. I dispatched Fire and Power House personnel and they checked on it. They reported back that a steam relief valve had activated in an emergency release of steam pressure. Power House personnel were able to fix the situation and its root problem. They also advised that luckily this had been reported in a timely manner because bad things could have happened if it had gone unnoticed.

Thankfully, Rick was on the ball that day, thoroughly knew his assigned area, and immediately reported the unusual event. I know that not everyone in the world would have taken the time to report the issue. I believe good employees should be recognized for their good deeds, and I am sure that Rick's supervisors would want to know the good things their employees are doing. ~ Danel Thomas
Sue Wood | Newbold Lookouts
"It Was Raining Pop Cans!"

I had a strange near-miss. It was windy outside and it rained down some old Coca-Cola cans that almost hit my head. I thought the sky was falling! I also spotted Risky encourage a person to take a long piece of wood scrap and put it into a trash bin...when the wood scrap bin was right beside it! I investigated and made sure that I saw what I thought I saw and then I asked her about it. She said she meant to go back and get it. I ensured she did just that. That sharp scrap of wood could have hurt someone! ~ Sue Wood
Maria Chamblee | Anderson Torpedos
Caught Doing a Minute4Me - Yay!

Maria (now our 1st shift lead) is recognized for her hard work in maintaining two large areas in our building, one of which was new to us. While I was training her in this new location, I was watching to see if she would use any of the safety training that we go over daily. I gathered some supplies and told her she could go ahead and start on the racks that had a spill. 

I stood back and acted like I was looking for something on the cart, and I noticed her looking around the warehouse and over the rack we were working on. I spoke up and asked her if everything was okay. She replied yes, that she was taking a minute to gather her thoughts since she isn't normally the warehouse floater. 

She went on to explain that she was trying to determine what the best way would be to block the area while she was sweeping, mopping and dusting so that the lift drivers would know not to come in this area in case they didn't see her  vest.

I smiled and told her that since she did her Minute4Me in this new area, that she had "passed the safety test".

I am so proud of her! ~ Harley Gilliland
Lawrence Culliver | NBS High Rollers
Recognizing His Safety-Conscious Mindset

We would like to recognize Lawrence for going above and beyond with a safety-conscious mindset. Mr. Culliver, while training Kameisha Williams on routine cleaning assignments, explaned the aftereffects of the task. He advised that the vacuum cleaner cord could get caught under the door and fray, causing an electric shock or worse. Thank you, Lawrence, for having a safety-conscious mindset and keeping your teammates informed. Awesome job! ~ Rodney Jackson, Site Safety Committee Chairman

Whitney Jennings | Anderson Torpedos
"An Awesome Leader Who For Sure Puts Safety First"

Whitney, 3rd shift lead, truly takes safety seriously, not only for herself but also the safety of others.  

While Whitney and I were detail cleaning the production area, I thought I would see if Whitney would take control of safety, even if it was I who was acting in an unsafe manner. I
I acted like I was going to place my hand/arm into an area where I couldn't see but had the potential to be sharp. Whitney's safety leadership shined bright! As I reached down and asked her to please pull up the metal piece so I could get my arm in there, she looks....and immediately shuts me down by saying, "I know you are the boss, but you can't see behind that and you don't know what you are reaching into. That space could have anything behind it, not to mention that metal is sharp and could cut you, and me, too."

I can't help but be proud as she dove deeper into January's safety affirmation - I make safety my first priority. Whitney is for sure an awesome leader who truly puts safety first. I am so proud of her! ~ Harley Gilliland
Jamie Blair & Jeremy Taylor | The Newbold Lookouts
Partnering to Prevent Risky from Running Wild

Jamie noticed Risky in the women's restroom while he was walking by and asked if he could go in and clean it up. The paint on the floor has been chipping and someone decided to go in there, kick it up and leave a slippery mess. The condition of the floor has been reported multiple times but it hasn't yet been fixed because they have plans for it to be remodeled. In the meantime, Jamie to a VIP rescue! ~ Sue Wood

Jeremy and I came across a greasy, slippery issue this morning. A big part of a machine had been pulled and great deal of grease had leaked everywhere. Not only that, but a forklift had run through the grease and tracked it out further. We knew we had to get a jump on Risky before someone was hurt, so Jeremy hopped on the scrubber and went to work! As a result, Jeremy got the honor of placing the Zero sticker on our poster at the end of January. ~ Sue Wood

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