Christopher Vick | Coal Patrollers

A happy Christopher receives his Jackpot VIP Yeti! Thank you for delivering your very best, Christopher.

Simply Outstanding! | 1274's MVPs

I would like to share my beautiful VIP's. Each one of them performs flawlessly in their respective roles at the site. I am so honored to work with this amazing team! ~ Merline Davis Horton

Click on the Photo Gallery Below to View Their Photos

Miss Esther Moultrie | Team Hopeful
Everyone Here Loves Her!

Miss Esther goes above and beyond with her work. She always goes the extra mile without having to be asked. Miss Esther is always willing to help others and greets everyone with a smile and words of encouragement. I'm very lucky to have her on my team and our customer loves her! ~ Jamie Griffin
Vicente Segura Jumped In and Offered To Help! | Team Tumbling Tires

Vicente Segura is being recognized by Mary Foster, second shift supervisor, for helping without being asked. Vicente was spray buffing floors and observed Mary struggling with several bags of trash. He quickly stopped and went to her aid, getting a cart and removing the bags from the area for her. Thanks Vicente, for being on point and willing to help others on the team. ~ Mark Holden

Ms. Elsi Prado | Team Tape
Celebrating a New US Citizenship

On July 27, Ms. Elsi became a United States Citizen. When our customer's COO heard about it, she wanted to be part of the celebration that we held for Ms. Elsi.  Please help us recognize this wonderful accomplishment! ~ Michele Wheeler
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Trevon Bagby | Team #6211

I would like to nominate Travon Bagby as a VIP. Trevon has been in his current position as Unicircle cleaner for a very short time. He is doing an awesome job and is appreciated by the customer. ~ Terry Trace
The Rolling Rockers' Newest VIP's - Always Kind & Helping Others

Shelah Lalinde & Cris Hawbaker
I am pleased to recognize Shelah's VIP performance. She is always very polite and doing amazing work in her areas. She had a tasting station set up during her break where others could grab some candy and goodies and everyone loved it! I am equally excited to share Cris's VIP performance. Cris is always helping someone and shows her kindness in all she does.  ~ 

Holli Spidell & Sondra Kay Williams
Thank you Holli for your wonderful cleaning efforts and Sondra for being a dedicated teammate and taking extra time to make things great for our contacts.

Wendy Wofford | The Risky Dodgers
A Very Impressive Performer

I want to nominate Wendy as a Very Impressive Performer. I was visiting the Risky Dodgers' site and used a restroom she had recently cleaned. It was spotless! The best part is she didn't know I was coming to visit. She cleans the same regardless of who is visiting! ~ Terry Trace

Happy Birthday Rose Rivera!
The Risky Busters Celebrate You

Jeremy Taylor | Newbold Lookouts
Our Latest VIP

Jeremy did a great job cleaning all the windows inside and out. It was a big job and it gave him a stiff neck for a couple of days! ~ Sue Wood

Sharon Hollingsworth | Team #6189
April's VIP

Sharon is a great and reliable employee.  can always count on her to be at work when she is scheduled, and she is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. ~ Tanisha White

Jamie Blair | Newbold Lookouts
6 Months Accident-Free

Jamie Blair joined us as a temp on 8/11/22 and when his time was with them, he liked it so much that he stayed on. He is a go-getter and will do anything to help, which is greatly appreciated. He also recently found a bird trapped in the restroom and immediately got hope to rescue him. ~ Sue Wood

A Team Name Changes to Reflect Their "Most Valuable" Actions

I am excited to share our new team name and my VIP players! Our new name is now the MVP's. I chose this name because each of my associates are "most valuable" to me and to the company. Everyone at this site comes in every single day and works their butts off giving the best they have. I see this on a daily basis. I'ms so grateful to be a part of this crew and am proud of all they do. Below we have each person who was nominated for "outstanding work performance" and "perfect attendance" in February. ~ Merline Davis-Horton

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Kristy Bennett | Partners in Grime
Employee of the Month

We are Partners in Grime! Kristy is a Novice Player who has given so much since joining us. She's very helpful and always ready to lend a helping hand. ~ Donna Davis

Carolyn Ray Saved the Day!
Accolades from Terry Trace

When one of my accounts ran out of a cleaning chemical because it is on back order, Carolyn got to work to find some. I don't how she did it, but she saved the day! I would like to recognize Carolyn as a Very Impressive Performer.
Uriah Parker | Perdue Crew
Sharing Safety With a 540

Uriah led a 540 regarding by using some examples of unsafe work practices, including mopping before placing wet floor signs and overfilling your trash cans. ~ Patrick Lapinski

Tony Young | Elite Big Zeros
Above & Beyond, As Usual!

Tony was asked once again to go above and beyond helping prep for the new signage in the conference room. As usual he did it without hesitation! ~ Debbie Bennett

The Elite Big Zeros ~ The Best Team Ever!

Tony Young, Robert Anderson and Morgan Myers. These guys are the greatest!

Do You Know When & How to Report a Workplace Accident or Injury?
Perdue Crew's Dawn Smith Does!

Dawn Smith lead our 540 today with our 2nd shift staff, reviewing how and when to report an injury in the workplace and the importance of reporting an incident whether an injury occurred or not. YOU ROCK, DAWN! ~ Patrick Lapinski

Jessica Sturgell | Team Zero State
Most Improved Performance Award

Caprice Gibson | The Hit Squad

Caprice stepped up when we had two teammates out in laundry and housekeeping. ~ Dale Powell

Debra Wilson | Team #6189
Congratulations May's VIP

Debra makes sure that she is at work when scheduled. She always reaches out to me on any safety concerns she sees in or around the plant. We are very happy to have her on our team. ~ Tanisha White

Team #1260 Welcomes Novice Player Hailey Edens

Melissa Whitley | Grime Stoppers
No Longer a Novice Player

Timothy Deibert | Newbold Lookouts
"He's Just Amazing!"

I would like to show off my new Floor Tech Timothy. He is doing such a great job on the floors and fills in when someone is out, whether it be a Scrubber Operator, Trash/Recycle, or cleaner. He's just amazing! He also had his own Newbold shirt made. ~ Sue Wood

Dorothy Wolff | Rolling Rockers
"She's a Rock for All"

I am pleased to share with a Very Impressive Performer for The Rolling Rockers  - Dorothy Wolff. She has been a rock for all on our crew, covering for sick teammates and taking charge when needed. She shows dedication!

Tim Wilson | Team #6189
March's VIP

You can count on Tim to get things done. He always takes initiative and doesn't mind taking on extra duties when needed. ~ Tanisha White

Benie Gaither | Team #6211
"A Very Impressive Performer"

I would like to nominate Benie as a Very Impressive Performer. While visiting the site, one of the office personnel told me how great the floors in the entrance and lobby look. She said they are shining with the sun! ~ Terry Trace

Crystal Williams | Anderson Torpedos
"She is Awesome!"

Crystal takes care of the production area and maintains it well. Each time I walk down the hall I am told by production supervisors how awesome she is. The busy production area can be a difficult place to work at times, but Crystal tackles it with a smiling face and gives her all to our customers. She has an amazing, outgoing spunk about her, and because of the praise she has received from our customer, she has been given the Ultimate Customer Service award. ~ Harley Gilliland
Welcome! We Are So Happy to Have You!

It is with great pleasure that Team #1211 welcomes Novice Players Toni Richards, Janay Reed and Lakeisha Carter. These ladies are doing a great job and learning fast. ~ Marcus McCrimmon

Brandon Riddle | Zero State
Outstanding Best Attendance record

Brandon goes above and beyond to make sure our customer is taken care of. ~ Maria Elder

Demetric Finley & Beverly Collins
Welcome to Team Breakdown!
Dorothy Wolff | 
Dime a Dozen Rollers

Dorothy was awarded a VIP recognition for delivering great customer service and for covering for other teammates. ~ Tonya Pilkerton

Michael Rowe | Team Zero State
Outstanding Attendance Award

Michael is a very good example of someone who shows all employees how important it is to come in to work every day to mke sure our customer is taken care of. ~ Maria Elder
Recognized for Their Enthusiasm and Commitment | 2nd Shift
Team Tumbling Tires

Barbara Cash, Benny Nesbitt, Mary Foster, Edgar Jones
Barbara, Benny, Mary and Edgar Jones are being recognized for their enthusiasm and commitment in responding to an unusual need from our customer on Friday Night. One of the extruders had been shut down since Tuesday, causing the entire plant to stop production late on Wednesday. Friday, our customer was able to obtain all the parts needed to get the unit up and running late into second shift. Barbara, Benny and Mary responded to try and clean the area around the machine to make it safe for it to be started up. 

They quickly realized they needed help and called Edgar, who responded by coming in to help them with the huge task. Thanks to all the team for being committed by staying and working the long hours to enable our customer to get back up and running. ~ Mark Holden
Carolyn Williams | Tuscaloosa Tigers
A Grateful Site Leader's Recognition

I would like to nominate Carolyn. She came from another site to help out and went above and beyond to do what needed to be done. I am so grateful for her help. ~ Angie Stevenson

Nygel Montague | The Grime Stoppers
Best Outstanding Attendance Award
Ultimate Customer Experience Award

Nygel is the hardest worker I have. He shows up on time and never leaves early. He is truly a blessing to be around. He works so hard and so efficiently that the customer came to me just to say thank you! ~ Crista Grissom

Team Tumbling Tires Delivers The Ultimate Customer Experience

Teheran Leach, Pamela Brindle, Chanel Jones, Jamia Fernanders
Teheran, Pamela, Chanel and Jamia are being recognized for going above and beyond their normal duties in serving our customer and providing "The Ultimate Customer Experience". In all four cases, each of these wonderful associates saw something that needed to be done and did it without having to be asked to. They truly represent the commitment we strive to have in the entire team here. Thanks to all of you for your hard work and the attention to the smallest of details. This truly makes a huge difference. ~ Mark Holden
Newbold Lookout Jamie Blair Was Very Excited to Receive His Jackpot Winner YETI!

Kiya Nix | Team #1330
Our Very First Peer-to-Peer VIP Recognition!

Congratulations Kiya! Zero and his Safety FAN-atics are excited to recognize Ashton King, our first teammate to nominate another teammate to our CASINO ZERO VIP Program. ~ Zero

Kiya was nominated by Ashton because she always works hard and gets her job done any time she is asked to do something. She never gives an attitude or pushes back and she is very safe and always follows the rules.
It Was a Big Day for John Theilberg on the No Limit Team ~
Happy Birthday & Happy Retirement!

I want to share the excitement and fun that we had on behalf of John Theilburg, who after 4 years of service, has decided to retire. It was a sad moment to say farewell and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. He will be greatly missed but we have all intentions of keeping in touch. We are a close team here and enjoy doing great things for one another.

We held a nice retirement party and also celebrated John's birthday. We surprised him by inviting his sister to join in the festivities and we enjoyed meeting her. She thanked me for being an awesome manager to John, and we all shared some great and memorable time together. Even our District Leader Eddie Resto was able to join us! Eddie remarks, "It was definitely a sad day for us. John was my very first hire when I was a site leader at this site. He will be missed." ~ Katrina Cleaves

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Phyllip Price | Category 5 Safety Team
"His Hard Work Doesn't Go Unnoticed"

We would like to recognize Phyllip for his hard work and dedication to IH Services. he has been a great attribute to our location since he joined us. Phyllip has been with the company for one month and has never been late or missed a shift. He goes above and beyond for the entire team, and we are so proud to have him at this facility! ~ Tanishka Moore

Team Tumbling Tires Celebrates Team Player of the Month and a Most Improved Performance

Please join us in recognizing "T" Teheran Leach as our Most Improved. T is one of our newest associates but in the short time he has been here he has shown great pride in his work and a willingness to learn all that he can about our role in serving our customer. T is committed to working safely and has the drive to truly provide our customer with The Ultimate Customer Experience. Thanks T!

Edgar Jones was recognized as Team Player of the Month for his dedication in learning a new position, his attention to detail and ALWAYS thinking of better ways to serve our customer. Thanks Edgar! ~ Mark Holden

Donald Bruce | The Tough Ones
"Through Snow and Ice, He Comes"

I am pleased to recognize Donald, who drives the S30 sweeper but has also been helping out another teammate who has been having some medical issues. Donald has been on our team for four years and we can count on him to always lend a hand and help out when needed. Out of three shifts, he was also the only one who was able to make it in during the snow/ice storm a few weeks ago, as well. Donald is a blessing to have on our team. We put together a thank you card and a cash gift for all he has done so he realizes his actions are not going unnoticed. We can always count on him. ~ Robin Binkley

 Katrina Lackland & Victor Flores De Luna Rock!

Katrina and Victor did a wonderful job shampooing the front entryway carpet; it was horrible from the salt and snow. Big shout out to these VIP's! ~ Katrina Cleaves

The Newbold Lookouts Receive a Sweet Thank You

It was nice for our contact Jeff to include us in on their Valentine's treat today. I just love the way they had the box addressed "Jeff/Sue's Team" - each shift will receive a box. ~ Sue Wood

Amy Cooper | Dime a Dozen Rollers

I am recognizing Amy for providing so much help and covering for others. ~ Tonya Pilkerton

Ellis Daley | Dime a Dozen Rollers

We had sick teammates here today and Ellis took charge and helped other teammates. ~ Tonya Pilkerton

Introducing The Oddjobs

(Top L-R) Willie May Owens, Stacy Oates, Brittany Dooley, Christina White, Cierra Wod, Coretta White
(Bottom L-R) Cathy Korang, David Soto and Kayla Tille (Account Leader)

Allen Clark | The Danger Dodgers
Allen always goes above and beyond his job to help others including me every day. However, on Fridays - without question - Allen helps me pack out our laundry bags to be cleaned. He does an amazing job on the scrubber and always asks me others on his team daily if they need help. Without hastening, Allen jumps in and helps clean, pull trash, etc. He is our VIP member on a daily basis! 
~ Patricia Sturgeon

Ashley George | Rolling Rockers
"She's a Pro!"

Ashley showed great work asked to take care of an area that got dirty because of a project, and she cleaned it up like a pro! ~ Tonya Pilkerton

Recent Jackpot Winner Tiana Gordon LOVES Her Yeti
 Congratulations Tiana!

Meggan Bradley & Robin Estep
The Glasgow Danger Dodgers
"Truly Amazing Hard-Working People"

I am happy to give a big shout out to Meggan and Robin for going above and beyond their scope of work. Both have worked over 40 hours this week - Meggan worked 50 hours and Robin worked 43 hours. Robin came in at 4am to get the cafeteria done early because she was asked to do so. Meggan has stayed over to clean walls and floors to get everything ready for our VIP guests this week. These two associates are truly amazing and hard-working and both deserve to be recognized for their hard does not go unnoticed. ~ Patricia Sturgeon

Geovannie Vega | The Crazy Cleaners
"He is Truly Committed"

I would like to recognize our lot attend - Geovannie Vega - for such a great job in keeping our extremely big parking lot neat and mighty clean! He is truly committed in ensuring there's no near miss on a daily basis. His hard work does not go unnoticed! ~ Katherine Silva

James Wiedel | Team Zero State
Noticed by Our Customer

Our customer Renna reported that the floor looked great when James was finished. I appreciate his hard work and dedication to his job. Well done, James. ~ Maria Elder

The Cubbies Induct Several Very Impressive Performers
Site Leader Merline Davis-Horton

Tiana Gordon
Outstanding Work Performance

Maria Castellanos
January Perfect Attendance

Christina Caldwell
January Perfect Attendance & Outstanding Work Performance

Ismael Rivera
Outstanding Work Performance & Most Improved

Rodrigo Castellanos
January Perfect Attendance

Dominic Saunders
January Perfect Attendance & Most Safety Saves

Keith Brown
Outstanding Work Performance
Still Grieving the Loss of a Dedicated Teammate | Newbold Lookouts

In 2022, we lost a very Precious Teammate, Robin Upton, who  lost her battle to cancer. I know in my heart that she is in a great place with Our Lord. Robin started work January 31, 1911, and this lady wound up being one of the best teammates -- and friend -- to everyone. I could always rely on her being here, watching out for others and giving a helping hand every chance she had. She loved her job and always looked forward to coming to work. She would get here early every day just were she could sit and talk to me. I loved her and miss her dearly as she passed away on 9/25/22 after 11 years of service, and I know she would still would be here if she could. I am sharing a photo of her and her beloved horse, Cowboy. ~ Sue Wood

Khalen Hudson | The Perdue Crew
Most Improved Performance Award

Khalen was recognized as Most Improved for the month of January and was awarded entrance to the VIP Club. ~ Patrick Lapinski

Pamela Brindle | Team Tumbling Tires

Pam Delivers the Ultimate Customer Experience

Pam is being recognized for her commitment to providing our customer with the Ultimate Customer Experience. Pam continues to work towards keeping our facility as clean as you can keep a tire manufacturing facility by identifying issues and taking care of them so our customer doesn't have to point them out. Thanks, Pam, for your dedication and attention to detail.
~ Mark Holden

Sebastian Acosta & Entire Team Tumbling Tires Celebrate His VIP Jackpot Status!

Randy Brown, Teheran Leach, Edgar Jones, Lizzie Brewton, Tyra Fuller and Jose Garcia
"I Have a Big Shout Out I Would Love to Put Out There!" 
District Leader Shantelle Baylock shares:

We would like to thank Von Gray, Etta Washington and Joe Campbell for going over and beyond to help their account leader Brandon with all the extra hard work. Brandon gave out VIP cards and Yeti cups for their going over and beyond in cleaning and safety.

Team 50 Shades Cleaner Collaborate & Train One Another to Deliver the Ultimate Shiny Floor Experience

Delivering Their Very Best to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience
Thank You For Your Years of Dedicated Service

Site Leader Luz Ocasio Pays the Corporate Office Team a Surprise Visit

Thank you for the time and your hospitality. It was a warm and special day for me. Thank you all for being our support behind the emails and calls. It was a pleasure to meet everyone! ~ Luz

Pictured here: Jody Joiner, Luz Ocasio, Amanda Long, Kathy Morgan, Lori Hardy & Kersey Clark

Click on the Photo Gallery Below to View More Photos 

Destiny Dyers & Team #1303 Deliver The Ultimate Customer Experience
"The Morale at this Building Has Truly Been a  Blessing!"

I would like to recognize Team #1303 in Atlanta. Their facility recently experienced a 4-day flood. Destiny and her amazing team worked around the clock to assist our customer and ensure that all of the residents were safely taken care of. The morale of this team has truly been a blessing". ~ Linda Green, Regional Operations, Healthcare
Robert, Lonette, Sandra, Noel, Destiny, Tara and Alice (seated)

Jamie Blair & Tim Deibert | Newbold Lookouts
What a Great Job Done on This Double Wide Trailer Floor

Team Heartbeat Says Farewell to a Valued Retiring Teammate
John Thielberg, You Will Be Missed

John joined our team 4.5 years ago - he was actually my first hire as a site leader. Today we celebrated John's birthday and his retirement, as tomorrow is his last day with us. Site Leader Katrina Cleaves and his team gave him a send off fit for a King! Joe will be missed by all. ~ Eddie Resto, District Leader

The NBS High Rollers Illustrate the Power of TEAM
Shondra Myles, Lawrence Culliver, Rose Weems, Secore Wade

I know we may have ovewhelmed you with the recognitions this week, but I must highlight thie crew when it comes to teamwork. I had over 9 pallets of supplies (452 cases) to move to buildings and I am short-staffed. That means that some of my associates are doing more then they are scheduled to do. I didn't know how I was going to do it before the rain hit, but I had to figure it out. As I was working sorting out supplies, these four teammates show up to help with no questions asked. They put on their PPE and went to work. What could have been a 2-day job turned into a 2-hour job. That's what I call teamwork! ~ Jessica Weems
Celebrating International Women's Day
Team Another One Bites the Dust

Ana Ramirez, Martha Chauco, Estebania Peralta, Yesenia Peralta, Elena Peralta, Angela Miranda, Brigidad Cruz, Keysha Mood

Perfect Attendance Achievement
NBS High Rollers

Nikia Anderson, Shayla Murrell, Zakiya Wimes, Latavia Freeman, Lawrence Culliver, Rose Weems, Katie Conrad (Perfect Attendance & Employee of the Month)

Zoralys Lopez | The Caution Crew
Meet Our Site's First Employee of the Year

Zoralys Lopez is a strong and dedicated mother of two beautiful children - daughters - and is a very valued employee for the EVS Department here. Balancing being a single mother and amazing co-worker, she always takes on tasks and opportunities when presented to her and makes the best of everything.

Zoralys is a very important part of the way we operate. Her outstanding performance in Laundry and on the floor is unmatched. She takes extreme pride in the way she leaves her laundry room and makes sure each resident isn't without their clothing or linen, ensuring each piece of linen is up to her standards. She steps up when I'm out of the building and takes on the role of team lead, making sure the day runs as smoothly as possible. She gets out on the floor and helps other co-workers deal with the stress of last-minute room changes and deep cleans and ensures her "pride and joy" - laundry - is doing great.

I recently bought her an Alexa for her laundry room because her radio didn't get clear music stations that she likes, just to show my appreciation for her hard work. Ever since then, I know when I am having a bad day or just have days where work is the last place I want to be, I can walk into the laundry room and hear, "Is that my boss?" and "Today's going to be no stress, boss. We are going to have a good day"...while her music is playing in the background. 

People like Zoralys are so crucial to the success of running a successful building and we must acknowledge and reward this outstanding behavior. With the help from my District Leader Trevia Johnson, we were able to get Zoralys an Employee of the Year shirt, custom pin and name badge holder and a plaque. Please help me celebrate her big achievement - our first Employee of the Year here at our site. ~ Jason Wood
The Safety Patrol
"Teamwork is What Makes This Site So Awesome!"

I would like to recognize The Safety Patrol, lead by Angelita Jeffries, for their efforts over Christmas. This amazing team went above and beyond working in the building because of a water leak. They gave up most of Christmas Day to make sure the building was taken care of. They are still working to get the building back in shape. Three weeks into January and they are still doing room moves and cleaning the effects of the water damage. They are an amazing team. Teamwork is what makes this site so awesome! They all jump in to make sure things are done to ensure the residents have a safe and clean place to call home. ~ Melissa Williams, District Leader

The Danger Dodgers End the Year Safety Focused and Strong

The Danger Dodgers had 3-months accident's free safety meeting / dinner on 12/29/22. 
The food for this dinner was BBQ pulled pork, mashed-potatoes, green beans, buns, corn bread, and drinks were provided which were coke products. Our meeting went over our 540, M4M, Risky, etc. In this meeting we went over our high points of the year which was having No complaints on any visits in the last 5 months that I have been with the company.

We went over our job schedules for both plants and extra duties that we need to ensure get done on a daily basis moving forward to the new year, we went over changes that're happening at both plants as they are adding two new offices at each one for us to clean. 

We went over attendance and how important it is that everyone show up and on time as it was a problem this year and lunch breaks going over which make a difference in their pay everyday ex: if you clock in 7 mins late from lunch everyday that's 35 mins of your check missing each week which adds up to a big deal at the end of the year which is how I explained it to them.

We went over our open-door policy, as well as numbers and support numbers that any member can reach out to for any reason if they may need too or want too.

We went over the chemical and products we use to work smarter not harder to better time manage their day and how to be safe using them without any danger or injury to their self or others.

We went over how important it is for each shift to start each day with the best time manage in mind so that each shift at both plants can finish from start to finish the task at hand and to leave nothing behind for the other shift to pick up and do for them as ex: if day shift leave the back of the building undone then second shift has to start there to pick that up and will be late starting there shift task and won't be able to finish their task which if we keep doing that we never be able to catch back up but if we do time manage and use our 540, M4M, and our schedules we can run smoothly at both plants both shifts from start to finish 

We also did VIP papers for attendance to two of our people for this year, {Meggan and Amy} as well as employee of the month {Allen} We did the most improved employee VIP was {Joanna} We had two employees that have been with use or the company for 7 years each one of them got a VIP paper for that achievement { Meggan and Amy } I also did kind of funny one for one employee that is all ways  late for work VIP paper {Rita} that she really enjoyed as well as the rest of the crew good laugh for that one. We ended this meeting with our best regards to Shacon Teeples who couldn't make this event because she had to work at another location but we wished her the best and missed her dearly. 

We all wished 2022 good-bye and are looking forward to 2023 with the best team I could ask for! ~ Patricia Sturgeon

2022 VIP Gallery of Special Recognitions