Tony Young | Elite Big Zeros
Above & Beyond, As Usual!

Tony was asked once again to go above and beyond helping prep for the new signage in the conference room. As usual he did it without hesitation! ~ Debbie Bennett

The Elite Big Zeros ~ The Best Team Ever!

Tony Young, Robert Anderson and Morgan Myers. These guys are the greatest!

Do You Know When & How to Report a Workplace Accident or Injury?
Perdue Crew's Dawn Smith Does!

Dawn Smith lead our 540 today with our 2nd shift staff, reviewing how and when to report an injury in the workplace and the importance of reporting an incident whether an injury occurred or not. YOU ROCK, DAWN! ~ Patrick Lapinski

Jessica Sturgell | Team Zero State
Most Improved Performance Award

Caprice Gibson | The Hit Squad

Caprice stepped up when we had two teammates out in laundry and housekeeping. ~ Dale Powell
Brandon Riddle | Zero State
Outstanding Best Attendance record

Brandon goes above and beyond to make sure our customer is taken care of. ~ Maria Elder
Demetric Finley & Beverly Collins
Welcome to Team Breakdown!
Dorothy Wolff | 
Dime a Dozen Rollers

Dorothy was awarded a VIP recognition for delivering great customer service and for covering for other teammates. ~ Tonya Pilkerton

Michael Rowe | Team Zero State
Outstanding Attendance Award

Michael is a very good example of someone who shows all employees how important it is to come in to work every day to mke sure our customer is taken care of. ~ Maria Elder
Ellis Daley | Dime a Dozen Rollers

We had sick teammates here today and Ellis took charge and helped other teammates. ~ Tonya Pilkerton
Introducing The Oddjobs

(Top L-R) Willie May Owens, Stacy Oates, Brittany Dooley, Christina White, Cierra Wod, Coretta White
(Bottom L-R) Cathy Korang, David Soto and Kayla Tille (Account Leader)

Allen Clark | The Danger Dodgers
Allen always goes above and beyond his job to help others including me every day. However, on Fridays - without question - Allen helps me pack out our laundry bags to be cleaned. He does an amazing job on the scrubber and always asks me others on his team daily if they need help. Without hastening, Allen jumps in and helps clean, pull trash, etc. He is our VIP member on a daily basis! 
~ Patricia Sturgeon
Khalen Hudson | The Perdue Crew
Most Improved Performance Award

Khalen was recognized as Most Improved for the month of January and was awarded entrance to the VIP Club. ~ Patrick Lapinski
Pamela Brindle | Team Tumbling Tires

Pam Delivers the Ultimate Customer Experience

Pam is being recognized for her commitment to providing our customer with the Ultimate Customer Experience. Pam continues to work towards keeping our facility as clean as you can keep a tire manufacturing facility by identifying issues and taking care of them so our customer doesn't have to point them out. Thanks, Pam, for your dedication and attention to detail.
~ Mark Holden

The Safety Patrol
"Teamwork is What Makes This Site So Awesome!"

I would like to recognize The Safety Patrol, lead by Angelita Jeffries, for their efforts over Christmas. This amazing team went above and beyond working in the building because of a water leak. They gave up most of Christmas Day to make sure the building was taken care of. They are still working to get the building back in shape. Three weeks into January and they are still doing room moves and cleaning the effects of the water damage. They are an amazing team. Teamwork is what makes this site so awesome! They all jump in to make sure things are done to ensure the residents have a safe and clean place to call home. ~ Melissa Williams, District Leader

The Danger Dodgers End the Year Safety Focused and Strong

The Danger Dodgers had 3-months accident's free safety meeting / dinner on 12/29/22. 
The food for this dinner was BBQ pulled pork, mashed-potatoes, green beans, buns, corn bread, and drinks were provided which were coke products. Our meeting went over our 540, M4M, Risky, etc. In this meeting we went over our high points of the year which was having No complaints on any visits in the last 5 months that I have been with the company.

We went over our job schedules for both plants and extra duties that we need to ensure get done on a daily basis moving forward to the new year, we went over changes that're happening at both plants as they are adding two new offices at each one for us to clean. 

We went over attendance and how important it is that everyone show up and on time as it was a problem this year and lunch breaks going over which make a difference in their pay everyday ex: if you clock in 7 mins late from lunch everyday that's 35 mins of your check missing each week which adds up to a big deal at the end of the year which is how I explained it to them.

We went over our open-door policy, as well as numbers and support numbers that any member can reach out to for any reason if they may need too or want too.

We went over the chemical and products we use to work smarter not harder to better time manage their day and how to be safe using them without any danger or injury to their self or others.

We went over how important it is for each shift to start each day with the best time manage in mind so that each shift at both plants can finish from start to finish the task at hand and to leave nothing behind for the other shift to pick up and do for them as ex: if day shift leave the back of the building undone then second shift has to start there to pick that up and will be late starting there shift task and won't be able to finish their task which if we keep doing that we never be able to catch back up but if we do time manage and use our 540, M4M, and our schedules we can run smoothly at both plants both shifts from start to finish 

We also did VIP papers for attendance to two of our people for this year, {Meggan and Amy} as well as employee of the month {Allen} We did the most improved employee VIP was {Joanna} We had two employees that have been with use or the company for 7 years each one of them got a VIP paper for that achievement { Meggan and Amy } I also did kind of funny one for one employee that is all ways  late for work VIP paper {Rita} that she really enjoyed as well as the rest of the crew good laugh for that one. We ended this meeting with our best regards to Shacon Teeples who couldn't make this event because she had to work at another location but we wished her the best and missed her dearly. 

We all wished 2022 good-bye and are looking forward to 2023 with the best team I could ask for!

2022 VIP Gallery of Special Recognitions